Week 1 –  June 4th, 2024 Theme: Module 1: What is Implicit Bias?

Explore the Kirwan Institute’s free modules on implicit bias at Ohio State University. Join us each week this month for brief lessons from Module 1: Understanding Implicit Bias. This week, dive into  Lesson 1: What is implicit bias? https://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/implicit-bias-module-series/module-1-understanding-implicit-bias/lesson-1-what-implicit-bias

Week 2 – June 11th, 2024 Theme: Module 1: Implicit Bias in Action

This week, we delve into Lesson 2 of Module 1 on implicit bias from the Kirwan Institute. In ‘Implicit Bias in Action,’ we examine everyday scenarios to grasp the concept better. For instance, we’ll explore how we effortlessly recognize misspelled words by associating them with familiar ones. https://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/implicit-bias-module-series/module-1-understanding-implicit-bias/lesson-2-implicit-bias-action

Week 3 – June 18th, 2024 Theme: Module 1: Origins of Our Bias

Are you familiar with Pavlov’s study on classical conditioning where dogs learned to associate the sound of a bell with food? This and other examples are used in Module 1, Lesson 3 from the Kirwan Institute’s implicit bias module entitled, Origins of our Biashttps://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/implicit-bias-module-series/module-1-understanding-implicit-bias/lesson-3-origins-our-bias

Week 4 – June 25th, 2024 Theme: Module 1: Implicit Bias Module 1 Recap and Quiz

Ready to put your newfound knowledge from Module 1: Understanding Implicit Bias by the Kirwan Institute to the test? Take this quick quiz to recap and assess your fundamental understanding of implicit bias. https://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/implicit-bias-module-series/module-1-understanding-implicit-bias/module-1-recap-and-quiz