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WI FACETS Technical Assistance Staff

Project Director

Courtney Salzer is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support, Inc. She serves as Co-Director of the OSEP-funded Wisconsin Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and the Director of the Region C Parent TA Center (RPTAC). Courtney also serves as the Parent Partner on the Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System. Courtney received her Law Degree and Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University. She earned her Professional Certificate in Non-Profit Management from UW-Milwaukee. Prior to her work with WI FACETS, Courtney was an attorney in private practice, where she did a variety of civil litigation including school and special education law. Courtney is currently an Instructor in the UW-Milwaukee Nonprofit Management Program. Courtney has served on several nonprofit Boards of Directors, including currently as a founding member of the National Center for Parent Leadership, Advocacy, and Community Empowerment (National PLACE). Courtney also serves on the National Advisory Board for the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE). Courtney and her husband are the parents of two amazing school-aged children.

Multicultural TA Lead

Nelsinia Ramos serves as a Senior TA Specialist for the Region C Parent Technical Assistance Center, a federally funded project assisting 16 parent centers in the Midwest. She also co-directs Wisconsin’s Parent Training and Information Center. Nelsinia is passionate about serving parents of children with disabilities, enjoys hiking and plays pickleball. She received her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University Wisconsin

Electronic Communications Specialist

Melissa Voegeli has been serving as the Program and Electronic Communications Coordinator at WI FACETS for over five years. Under this position, funded by DPI, PTAC and PTI grants, she develops special education products, manages grant project websites, develops and monitors online learning modules, creates and disseminates Bite-Sized PD messages, coordinates with UWM’s Nonprofit Management School of Continuing Education to host a yearly Nonprofit Management Certificate, and provides technical assistance and communication support for all electronic grant activities. Mel received her Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from Mount Mary University in 2015. Although she graduated with a student-designed major of Allied Health with a Psychology emphasis, she has taken additional coursework in American Sign Language, Disability: Society & Person, Health Communication and Health Care Systems. Mel has been in the field since 2015 when she started working as an in-home line-therapist. Before starting at WI FACETS, she was a Licensed Program Coordinator for a local nonprofit. When she’s not working, you can typically catch Mel out enjoying Milwaukee. She loves live music and supporting local businesses.


Logistics Specialist

Chris Stagge is the Event Coordinator for the Region C PTAC. Chris is also the Program Assistant for WI FACETS’ working across all agency grants. Chris has worked for disability related non-profit organizations since 1993, and with WI FACETS since 2008. Chris is the parent of a son with autism.

TA Specialists from the Region

karen thompson

Lead TA Specialist

Karen Thompson has served as the Executive Director at ASK Resource Center, Inc in Iowa since 2010. She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University and has worked in human services and public administration for 29 years. Under Karen’s direction, ASK has grown from a 1-project-of-statewide-significance organization to an organization with 8 projects of statewide, regional and national significance. During her tenure, ASK has experienced a 250% growth in annual operating budget, grown a six-figure reserve of unrestricted funds, and established an endowment. Personally, Karen has experience as a disability advocate in multiple life facets. She grew up as the daughter of a parent with an acquired brain injury, is a person with Dyslexia, and is the mother of two, adult children who are also blessed with abilities to learn differently.

Peer TA Specialist

Jodi Webb is the Executive Director of Pathfinder Services of ND Inc. (PSND) and is the project director of the Parent Training and Information Center and the RSA Parent Training and Information Center offering technical assistance to 7 states in the Midwest region. Jodi has worked for PSND since 2018 and has over 25 years of experience working in the early childhood field in many roles such as a director, trainer, consultant and coach to both parents and professionals. She also delivers technical assistance to new program directors for the Region C Parent Technical Assistance Center, assisting parent centers in 16 states in the Midwest. Jodi holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and an associate’s degree in Child Care business management. She is an appointed member of both the Vocational Rehabilitation Governor’s Council, and State IDEA Advisory Panel. Jodi is passionate about providing guidance and education to parents, youth and professionals aiding in the delivery of services to children and youth towards academic success. She is a mother to two children, one of which has a diagnosis of ADD and severe anxiety.

Jennifer Diaz

Peer TA Specialist

Jennifer Diaz is the Assistant Director of Team Development at IN*SOURCE, Indiana’s Resource Center for Families with Special Needs. She is the parent of two children, one of which has a severe bleeding disorder and is eligible for an IEP under OHI due to the educational impacts of ADHD. Jennifer has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and holds a current license as a Clinical Professional Counselor. Jennifer has a passion for leadership with a focus on continuous personal and professional development. She has spent 18 years supporting individuals and families with special needs. Jennifer has been a member of statewide and local committees representing IN*SOURCE and families of individuals with disabilities in the areas of secondary transition, employment, mental health, and early childhood.

Peer TA Specialist

Kanika Littleton is the Director of Michigan Alliance for Families (MAF), a Michigan Department of Education IDEA grant-funded initiative and Project Director of the OSEP-funded Parent Training and Information Center, Michigan Alliance-PTI (MAPTI). Kanika joined MAF/MAPTI in 2014 and has held several positions including Regional Parent Mentor (RPM) and Statewide RPM Supervisor. Kanika assumed leadership of MAF/MAPTI in June 2019.

Kanika earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sociology from Wayne State University (WSU) in Detroit, MI. In addition, she completed coursework and training toward a doctoral degree in the Sociology of Health and Illness. She has experience in early childhood education and research across diverse populations with a focus on health behavior, health disparities and caregiver needs of individuals with significant disabilities.

Kanika serves on various committees devoted to improving inclusive education and opportunities for children and young adults with disabilities, including the Michigan Preschool Inclusion Leadership Committee, the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Parent Center Equity workgroup, and OPTIMISE, a Michigan initiative focused on attracting, preparing, and retaining special education personnel. She is a graduate of Leaders in Policy Advocacy; a statewide initiative funded by the Michigan Developmental Disability Council and administered through The Arc Michigan. Recently, Kanika completed her seventh year as an Organizational Delegate on the Michigan Department of Education Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) representing The Arc Michigan and Michigan Alliance for Families. While on SEAC, she held leadership roles on the Executive Committee, as well as the membership, diversity and equity committees.

As the mother of a young adult and two children with varying abilities, Kanika has first-hand experience navigating Early Intervention, Special Education and Section 504. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Kanika belongs to several parent groups, including the Michigan Parent, Advocate & Attorney Coalition (MiPAAC). She is not only an advocate for her children but strives to educate and support other parents to become stronger advocates as well as fostering self-advocacy skills in their children and young adults with disabilities.

Joe La Belle

Peer TA Specialist

Joe La Belle is the Director of Programs Impact at Family Network on Disabilities. In his role, he oversees four federally funded programs across Florida. Joe also works with two OSEP-funded Technical Assistance centers as a technology & social media consultant, helping to strengthen OSEP-funded programs for students with Disabilities. Joe is a nationally recognized speaker and coach who uses his lived experience with ADHD and learning disabilities to advocate for change.

Project Consultants

Contracted TA Consultant

Jan is the Director of Serak Consulting Services, LLC, where she contracts with nonprofit organizations to provide Board training, interim management, and other services. Prior to her retirement, she was co-founder and CEO, leading WI FACETS for over 25 years. She co-directed WI’s Parent Training & Information Center and the Region 4 Parent TA Center. She currently is a Consultant for the Region C Parent TA Center, where she has been excited to provide Board training and other services for PTIs and CPRCs in the Region. She was a founder and the Parent Partner of the WI Special Education Mediation System. Jan was a founder of the National Center for Parent Leadership, Advocacy, and Community Empowerment (National PLACE). She has served on many Boards, including for the Autism Society of America; Autism Society of WI, Autism Society of SE WI, and the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE). She served on the WI State Superintendent’s Council on Exceptional Education, WI Governor’s Read to Lead Task Force, Quality Education Coalition of WI, OSEP State Advisory Panel, and the National IDEA Partnership Creating Agreement Training Team. She received her B.S. in Dietetics from the University of WI-Madison and her M.A. in Educational Psychology and Dispute Resolution from Marquette University. She is the parent of two adult sons, one of whom has autism.

Glenda Hicks

Contracted TA Consultant

Glenda Hicks owns and operates a consulting practice focused on building governance, leadership, and operational capacity for organizations. With over 35 years of professional experience serving the not-for-profit sector, and almost 25 years in her firm, Glenda has supported clients and former employers with board governance, board development, strategic planning, operations, accounting, taxation, leadership development, human resource management, and more.

Incorporating both customized services and evidenced based tools, the firm’s work is Inspired by Possibilities and Driven by Results. Our mission is to combine best practices with innovation and leadership development to fuel an organization’s success toward becoming its best. Working with board members, senior management teams, and staff, Glenda provides assessment, training, consulting, and coaching services. In addition to her independent work, Glenda enjoys collaborating with expert colleagues to help organizations overcome challenges, build stronger teams, and develop future leaders through Design Thinking Innovations, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work.

Nora Thompson

Contracted TA Consultant

Check back soon for Nora’s bio!