Week 1 – April 2nd, 2024 Theme: Specially Designed Instruction for an Inclusive Setting

Do you have families that want to better understand specific pieces of their child’s IEP? Here is a very short video that explains the purpose of specially designed instruction using an easy to understand analogy.

Week 2 – April 9th, 2024 Theme: IEP- Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance

Do you find yourself describing the difference between present levels of academic performance and present levels of functional performance? Here is a video conducted by the PTI in Georgia which explains and gives examples.

Week 3 – April 16th, 2024 Theme: Considering LRE in Placement Decisions

Do you need a resource to share with parents that helps them understand Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and placement? The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) has a comprehensive page dedicated to definition, examples and other considerations related to LRE.

Week 4 – April 23rd, 2024 Theme: Monitoring and Reporting Student Progress

It’s helpful for parents to understand progress monitoring. The IRIS center has a learning module that explains how teachers collect progress monitoring and examples of how it can be reported to parents.

Week 5 – April 30th, 2024 Theme: Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students

The CPIR has a site dedicated to helping explain services, accommodations and modifications. Please feel free to share this resource with families as it has lots of information to help them understand these terms.