Week 1 – November 1st, 2022 Theme: Accessible Learning Across the Lifespan

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials (AEM Center) is geared towards educators, parents and caregivers on the availability and use of accessible educational materials and technologies for learners with disabilities. This video series is designed to start conversations about the importance of accessibility and accessible materials. https://aem.cast.org/get-started/accessible-learning-across-lifespan

Week 2 – November 8th, 2022 Theme: Find Your State AEM Contact

Did you know there is an Accessible Educational Materials affiliated center in each state and territory? Find yours at this website along with AEM-related information, AEM-related state laws and regulations, and Parent information and advocacy resources specific to your state.  https://aem.cast.org/coordinate/state-contacts

Week 3 – November 15th, 2022 Theme: Information and Resources Geared Toward Parents of Students with Disabilities

The Diagram Center has information and resources geared toward parents of students with disabilities from Pre-K through higher-education. Check out their website for resources on early learning and math support.  http://diagramcenter.org/community-resources.html#parents

Week 4 – November 22nd, 2022 Theme: The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes Resources

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes offers resources for professionals, parents, families and deaf individuals. Check out their resources on VR, self-advocacy and more. https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/resources

Week 5 – November 29th, 2022 Theme: A choose-your-own-adventure online game created just for deaf teenagers

One featured resource from the National Deaf Center is Deafverse, a choose-your-own-adventure online game created just for deaf teenagers, where they can learn important skills for success in high school and beyond. https://deafverse.com/