Week 1 – March 1st, 2022 Theme: Effective Instruction Strategies for ELLs with Disabilities

Students learning English are disadvantaged by a scarcity of appropriate assessment instruments and a lack of personnel trained to conduct linguistically and culturally relevant educational assessments (Valdes & Figueroa, 1996). For more information on how schools can support ELL families, consider the following resource: http://www.ldonline.org/article/5622/

Week 2 – March 8th, 2022 Theme: Disproportionality in Identification for Special Education

Debate over disproportionality has long focused on the over-representation of culturally and linguistically diverse students in special education. Being informed with information from this article could help parents better grasp under, over and misidentification of students of color with disabilities. https://ldaamerica.org/core-principle-disproportionality-in-identification-for-special-education/

Week 3 – March 15th, 2022 Theme: Back to School Roadmap: Spanish Resources

13% of the US population speak Spanish. To give access to the Return to School resources, the Office of Special Education Programs have these resources now available in Spanish. Please access the Spanish version of The Development and Implementation of IEPs in LRE in the following document: Hoja de ruta para el regreso a la escuela: Desarrollo e implementación de programas de educación individualizada en el entorno menos restrictivo conforme a la ley de educación para personas con discapacidades


Week 4 – March 22nd, 2022 Theme: Back to School Roadmap: More Spanish Resources

To give more access to Spanish documents in the Return to school Roadmap resources, please access the Spanish version of Child find under Part B (school age) and Child Find under Part C (Infants and Toddlers) in the following documents respectively: Hoja de ruta para el regreso a la escuela: Child Find según la Parte B de la Ley de Educación para Personas con Discapacidades and Hoja de ruta para el regreso a la escuela: búsqueda, derivación y elegibilidad de niños



Week 5 – March 29th, 2022 Theme: More Spanish Back to School Roadmap Resources

For access to the Spanish language resource within the Return to School roadmap entitled, The Provision of Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers with disabilities and their families under Part C of IDEA, please utilize this document: Hoja de ruta de regreso a la escuela: Prestación de servicios de intervención temprana https://sites.ed.gov/idea/idea-files/hoja-de-ruta-de-regreso-a-la-escuela-prestacion-de-servicios-de-intervencion-temprana-29-de-octubre-de-2021/