Week 1 – July 2nd, 2024 Theme: How Setting Healthy Boundaries Makes You A Stronger Leader

As leaders, we mindfully take care of others. Do we do as well at mindfully taking care of ourselves? It starts with setting clear boundaries. Learn 6 important areas to focus on here: https://jonesloflin.com/jonesloflinblog/leadership-setting-healthy-boundaries

Week 2 – July 9th, 2024 Theme: Self-Care and Professionalism

Self-Care and professionalism might seem like they don’t go hand-in-hand, but they actually do. Compassion fatigue is real. We are far more capable of helping our staff teams and families when we are in a good place ourselves. This page includes vast amounts of resources, tip sheets, additional blog links and assessment tools to help you be the best leader you can be, and to help other self-care too: https://childcareta.acf.hhs.gov/infant-toddler-resource-guide/self-care-and-professionalism

Week 3 – July 16th, 2024 Theme: What to Do When You Become Your Friend’s Boss

Strong working relationships are important. So is being clear about the difference between being a supervisor or a friend. This article helps clarify the boundaries leaders should set with all staff to maintain an equitable work environment: https://hbr.org/2020/09/what-to-do-when-you-become-your-friends-boss

Week 4 – July 23rd, 2024 Theme: Too Busy at Work? Try These 5 Things.

One of the best things we can do to care for ourselves is to manage our time well. Are you laughing right now? There are five tried and true techniques for leaders to use in managing things like meetings and email inboxes. Challenge yourself to learn and implement just one new idea, and see how it goes:  https://www.thoughtfulleader.com/too-busy-at-work/

Week 5 – July 30th, 2024 Theme: How to give your team more time: 5 ways managers can help solve employee time management issues

Helping your employees manage their time better will also help you have the time you will need to get your own work done. Helping your team be intentional about time management is a great way to help yourself too. Here is a list of five steps you can take to get there: https://blog.rescuetime.com/employee-time-management/