Week 1 – February 6th, 2024 Theme: How to Be a Great Guest Speaker for a Session: 10 Pro Tips

Parent Center staff present scads of complex information. Often, we are more focused on the content than on how to get the points across in a way that helps them stick. This list of tips is a great go-to for trainers of any experience level who need fresh ideas for engaging their audience: https://medium.com/elephant-daily/how-to-deliver-a-killer-guest-speaking-session-10-pro-tips-aec613d83140

Week 2 – February 13th, 2024 Theme: How to Do a Presentation – 5 Steps to a Killer Opener

Did you know that most people who are not impressed by a trainer stop listening to the content within the first few seconds? That’s right. SECONDS! Watch this short video to learn how to overcome a fear of speaking and instantly captivate your audience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEDcc0aCjaA

Week 3 – February 20th, 2024 Theme: What should I explain to the guest speaker for an event?

Need to book a guest speaker? Not sure what to ask to make sure your speaker matches your needs? This forum asks that very question and provides the answers given by experts in the field of event and conference planning. Many of the answers give lists of to-do’s and example questions to ask: https://www.quora.com/What-should-I-explain-to-the-guest-speaker-for-an-event

Week 4 – February 27th, 2024 Theme: 14 Fun & Interactive Presentation Games for Teams and Students

We all know that delivering engaging training means there need to be activities. Sometimes it is hard to match an activity with the training content. Here is a list of 14 interactive presentation games with descriptions of how and when to use each one. Whether your audience is adults, students, or both there are options to engage them here: https://slideswith.com/blog/interactive-presentation-games