Week 1 – July 6th, 2023 Theme: How Do You Spend Your Work Day?

By now you see where we are headed with this series. We’ve entertained the universal levels of time management and used them to promote self-care and organizational health among staff teams. Now, what about our individual work days? Are there things the individuals on your teams can do to improve efficiency and help prevent burn-out? This resource will help you explore the options: https://regioncptac.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/How-Do-You-Spend-Your-Work-Day.pdf

Week 2 – July 11th, 2023 Theme: Prospect Research 101: A Crash Course for Nonprofits

Prospect Research is one of the best ways to seek out new donors, funders, and allies for your organization. Scroll through this entire guide to learn more about it:  https://www.donorsearch.net/prospect-research-ultimate-guide/

Week 3 – July 18th, 2023 Theme: 16+ Prospect Research Tools To Find More Donors For Your Organization

Just like anything else, you have to choose the correct tools for your Prospect Research to be effective. This list of 16 tools complete with descriptions of how to utilize them will help you get started: https://www.donorsearch.net/resources/prospect-research-tools/

Week 4 – July 25th, 2023 Theme: Prospect Research: The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits

Feeling like Prospect Research may not be a match for your small center? This list includes 4 different ways to conduct Prospect Research including detailed information on the best options for small nonprofits: https://doublethedonation.com/prospect-research-guide/