Week 1 – January 3rd, 2023 Theme: Healthy Solutions for Managing Workplace Stress

Anxiety and stress in the workplace is increasing at an alarming rate among those working in the helping professions. This toolkit helps explain the effects of Vicarious Trauma and provides real-world examples to address it in the workplace. While the kit was developed for New York City, much of its content is universal. See for yourself: Staying in Balance Toolkit PDF


Week 2 – January 10th, 2023 Theme: Tips for Sharing Your Story

Nine out of ten employees report appreciating it when their leaders share about personally seeking mental health support, and 96% of all CEOs report they have sought mental health support. We know that story telling is an important tool when it is done correctly. Learn how and when to share your mental health journey with employees in this short tip sheet: Tips for Sharing Your Story PDF

Week 3 – January 17th, 2023 Theme: Sample Accommodations for Mental Health Conditions

Once you are ready to implement an organizational mental health wellness plan, you may find employees are more willing to come forward about unique needs. This website provides sample ADA accommodations for mental health needs in the workplace: https://www.healthaction.org/sample-accommodations-for-mental-health-conditions

Week 4 – January 25th, 2023 Theme: Mental Health First Aid Training

Most of us know that Mental Health First Aid training exists for families/caregivers and students. Did you know there is now, also training tailored to the workplace and rural communities? Not to mention scads of other resources. This month’s blog is about how employers can support staff experiencing seasonal depression. Explore the training tab and blog posts here: https://www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org/

Week 5 – January 31st, 2023 Theme: Introduction to CPTSD in the Workplace

A leader who has grown a culture of mental wellbeing at work creates a safe space for staff members to share.  In doing so, you might find a staff member approaches you with a need to manage Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) at work. This blog will introduce you to CPTSD and lead you to a multitude of other articles that can assist you in helping staff members manage it at work: https://cptsdfoundation.org/2022/03/01/introduction-to-cptsd-in-the-workplace/