Week 1 – March 1st, 2022 Theme: What Does Employee Onboarding Mean?

Do you know the difference between new employee onboarding and new employee training? Do you know the key elements of onboarding and how long it should last? Onboarding is a specific set of orientation activities accomplished in intentional ways. Learn more here: https://www.exacthire.com/hiring-process/what-does-employee-onboarding-mean-for-your-organization/

Week 2 – March 8th, 2022 Theme: Understanding the Four Phases of Onboarding

There are four phases to onboarding, and the first one, Pre-Onboarding, begins before a new employee walks in for his or her first day. Explore each phase and find future reading at this link: https://www.zoho.com/people/hrknowledgehive/What-are-the-four-phases-of-onboarding.html

Week 3 – March 15th, 2022 What is Employee Onboarding – And Why do You Need It?

The intent of onboarding is to acclimate, engage and retain great employees. When this happens, resources that would have been spent on recruiting, hiring and training can be diverted to developing long-term staff. This blog breaks down the onboarding processes to help you decide which components could be added to your center’s processes: https://blog.shrm.org/blog/what-is-employee-onboarding-and-why-do-you-need-it?_ga=2.214358615.1390134758.1643219460-140180984.1635292715  

Week 4 – March 22nd, 2022 Theme: How to Build an Onboarding Plan for a New Hire

Do you ask your new staff members how they like to be managed? Learn more about this and other essential items for your Onboarding Plan and checklist here: https://www.inc.com/guides/2010/04/building-an-onboarding-plan.html

Week 5 – March 29th, 2022 Theme: Onboarding Templates to Get You Started

Now that you know a bit more about Onboarding, what you really need are some templates to get you started. This resource contains a pathway to more than 32 Onboarding Templates and Checklists: https://360learning.com/blog/onboarding-templates-and-checklists/