Week 1 – July 5th, 2022 Theme: What Type of Data Should My Nonprofit or Foundation Collect?

Most Parent Centers are considering database options right now. Is it best to stay with what you know or move to a new system? How do you even begin to decide? Performing a data audit and considering how your various “customers” need to interface with your data can help make the decision clearer. Find a helpful checklist here: https://philanthropynewsdigest.org/features/techsoup-pnd/what-type-of-data-should-my-nonprofit-or-foundation-collect

Week 2 – July 12th, 2022 Theme: What’s the Best Database for My Organization, and How Do I Choose?

Once you have narrowed your scope of database options to the few that you think will be best, it’s time to involve your entire staff team. You need to spend some time and ask yourselves some difficult questions to find the best database for you. Learn how from this blog: https://patronmanager.com/blog-whats-the-best-database-for-my-organization-how-do-i-choose/

Week 3 – July 19th, 2022 Theme: Database Administrator (DBA)

What does DBA stand for? “Doing Business As,” right? Like many of our known acronyms, it has another meeting as well – “Database Administrator.” A DBA is very likely to be an essential for most of us. Learn more about what a DBA does here: https://www.techtarget.com/searchdatamanagement/definition/database-administrator

Week 4 – July 26th, 2022 Theme: Everything You Need to Know Regarding Outsourcing Database Administration

Now that you are familiar with a Database Administrator (DBA), you are probably wondering how you could possibly mange to employ one. You don’t need to. For most Parent Centers, outsourcing the essential functions of a DBA for a short time will work. For those using Salesforce, Sputnik Moment is an option. For those using Apricot, Sidekick Solutions is probably the way to go. Most outsourcing DBAs learn one or two databases really well, and focus on helping customers in only those one or two product lines. Learn what to look for here: https://geopits.com/blog/outsourcing-database-administration-everything-you-must-know.html