Week 1 – January 4th, 2022 Theme: The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

Social media platforms are rapidly changing, and becoming a more relevant way to reach parent center target audiences with information and event notices. Different tools speak to different audiences. This resource provides tips and links to assessment strategies and practical ways to update and carry out your center’s social media plan: https://www.wildapricot.com/blog/social-media-guide-for-nonprofits

Week 2 – January 11th, 2022 Theme: Social Media Use in 2021

Facebook engagement has flatlined for 5 years, but it is still the best social media platform to reach the 25-to-55-year-old women. YouTube is most widely utilized platform across all demographic groups. WhatsApp is a highly relevant platform in reaching Hispanic social media users. This 2021 report will give you all of the latest insights into who is using what: https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2021/04/07/social-media-use-in-2021/

Week 3 – January 18th, 2022 Theme: Mobile Video Statistics

Every year, mobile phone video use doubles. Also, video watchers are 1.5 times more likely to watch social media video ads on their phones. Can your target audiences easily reach your center’s video content from the social media platforms they access on their phones? Have you thought about how to use social media ads to outreach about your information and events? These statistics will help: https://www.yansmedia.com/blog/mobile-video-statistics#:~:text=57%25%20

Week 4 – January 25th, 2022 Theme: Frequently Asked Questions: Best Social Media Marketing Tactics for Businesses

Parent Centers are always posting content somewhere. We also often share out resources from partners and stakeholders. There are specific ways to share out someone else’s content in a way will most likely boost your own social media engagement. There are also specific strategies for when to leave up or take down a negative comment. Learn more from this list of FAQ’s: https://www.bluecompass.com/digital-marketing/social-media/social-media-faq