Week 1 – February 1st, 2022 Theme: Calculating ROI

One of the most important tools in non-profit fundraising is Social Return on Investment (SRoI). Parent Centers already collect all the data needed to figure and communicate the cost savings of our work in communities. This resource helps define SRoI and introduces the two most common formulas used to establish indicators in the non-profit sector.  https://www.dhg.com/Portals/0/ResourceMedia/publications/Not-For-Profit_ROI_DHG-Views.pdf

Week 2 – February 8th, 2022 Theme: How to Prove Nonprofit Impact With SROI

Once you introduce SRoI to your board and staff, it’s time to decide on some indicators with your team. This resource provides a how-to tutorial, gives infographic examples and offers many additional links for further research and learning. https://www.thebalancesmb.com/using-sroi-to-show-your-nonprofit-s-impact-2501977

Week 3 – February 15th, 2022 Theme: Return on Mission: A Framework to Measure Success

When considering what indicators to use for Social Return on Investment, make sure they are tied to Return on Mission. In other words, do the indicators you plan to measure and report have a clear parallel to the overall work of your organization? That is the best way to draw future donors and win competitive grants. Learn more here: https://npengage.com/nonprofit-management/return-on-mission/

Week 4 – February 22nd, 2022 Theme: The Surprising Return on Investment (ROI) of Nonprofit Branding

One of the best uses for Social Return on Investment indicators is to use them to help Brand your organization. Doing so helps organizations like parent centers clearly communicate our uniqueness and establish parent centers as leaders among competitors. Learn more about using indicators to Brand your organization here: https://www.wiremedia.net/the-surprising-return-on-investment-roi-of-branding-for-nonprofits/