Week 1 – December 6th, 2022 Theme: How to Measure Employee Job Performance Accurately

It’s the time of year when many center directors are preparing and delivering performance reviews. Is your process up to date and effective? There are two, clear indicators to focus on: Efficiency and Effectiveness. Within those, 4 domains offer great opportunities to measure employee performance. Learn about each one here: https://blog.grovehr.com/job-performance-measures

Week 2 – December 13th, 2022 Theme: Annual Review Process: Performance Category Definitions

Once you have decided on employee performance review measures it is time to customize a rating scale and develop clear standards for each rating. This resource provides examples of the most common rating categories and offers a list of objective behaviors to help you define each one for your center: https://access.tufts.edu/annual-review-process-performance-category-definitions

Week 3 – December 20th, 2022 Theme: Performance Appraisal Phrases: 200 Helpful Phrases for Employee Performance Reviews

We all struggle to find the right words to articulate observations and recommendations to employees during performance review time. This list of 200 helpful phrases to use during employee evaluations is a handy tool: https://getsling.com/blog/performance-appraisal-phrases/