Week 1 – February 2nd, 2021 Theme: Why Video Calls Are So Draining

It’s no surprise to any of us that video meeting fatigue is real. Knowing the “what” and “why” of it helps us know how to offer solutions for our staff and customers. Did you know that video calls are anxiety provoking, in part, just because you are staring at your own face? Learn more about the causes here: https://ideas.ted.com/zoom-fatigue-is-real-heres-why-video-calls-are-so-draining/

Week 2 – February 9th, 2021 Theme: Tips to Beat Zoom Fatigue

Last week you explored the “what and why.” This week, learn what you can do about it. This resource provides 20 tips to combat video fatigue including engaging online tutorials and links with more information. It even breaks down the science of video fatigue solutions for both introvert and extravert personality types. Help yourself and everyone in your office by heading here for more information: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/zoom-fatigue/

Week 3 – February 16th, 2021 Theme: Quick Video to Improve Posture

Faulty posture from video fatigue can cause painful strain on the back of your neck. Learn a short stretching routine to relieve tension, improve posture, and to wake up and feel great at this link. Watch it with your staff and try it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T43753AfaKY

Week 4 – February 23rd, 2021 Theme: Games to Amp Up Your Next Virtual Meeting

Harvard Business Review cites research indicating “small talk” ice breakers are less engaging on video calls than during in-person trainings. Instead, engage with games that encourage deeper thought, conversation and skill. You can even adapt the questions to the content of your training. Who can draw FAPE the best and win a round of video Pictionary?! For a list of the best games to play on video, click here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/g32098665/best-games-to-play-on-zoom/