Week 1 – September 1st, 2020 Theme: Five Leadership Lessons from “Forged in Crisis”

What can we learn from those who came before us about how to lead through times of crisis? How did Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass do it? This short video shares 5 common traits of the famous leaders highlighted in the book, “Forged in Crisis.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi_kCJ9Gr6I

Week 2 – September 8th, 2020 Theme: Leading With Empathy

Many sources agree that empathy is key to successful leadership in times of crisis, but empathy has to extend beyond one leader for it to work. Developing a culture of empathy that helps withstand crisis takes a team. Learn how to lead your team to a culture of empathy using the 5 practices outlined in this blog and infographic: https://www.bluebeyondconsulting.com/2020/04/leading-with-empathy/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkbTi1qO-6wIVCr3ACh2edw0tEAAYASAAEgKttfD_BwE

Week 3 – September 15th, 2020 Theme: Building Relationships in Times of Crisis

Being able to build relationships and trust is essential to leadership – especially in times of crisis. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Consider using these conversation starter cards to break the ice in your staff team meetings. Choose one person to call out a page number. Then, use the conversation starter on that page to help your team grow together.  https://bluebeyondconsulting.com/downloadable-content/BlueBeyond-Conversation-Starter-Cards_FINAL.pdf

Week 4 – September 22nd, 2020 Theme: Learn About Lollipop Moments

In this short TedTalk “Everyday Leadership,” Drew Dudley tells a story that illustrates how a simple connection can have huge and lasting impact during a crisis. Lollipop Moments are powerful leadership tools. What is a Lollipop Moment? Find out here: https://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership

Week 5 – September 29th, 2020 Theme: Team-Building Activities When Leading Through a Crisis

We can never have too many ideas up our sleeves to help us build our team’s trust. It is absolutely essential to have a cohesive team when leading through a crisis. This epic list of 32 team-building activities is invaluable for directing staff teams and training teams alike: https://wheniwork.com/blog/team-building-games/