Week 1 – November 3rd, 2020 Theme: Nonprofit Leadership Skills for Every Director

Do you know what leadership styles you are best at and which ones could be improved? Do you know how to study the workflow at your center and why it’s important? What about the 9 leadership skills all directors must master? More need-to-know information available here:  https://getfullyfunded.com/nonprofit-leadership-skills/

Week 2 – November 10th, 2020 Theme: Resource Library for Nonprofit Leadership

Without planning and policies, our centers and their staff struggle. But, who has the time? Finding a few examples and blending them to fit your needs is often the best and quickest way to get down to business. Board Source has one of the go-to Service and Resource Libraries for nonprofits. Many items do have a small cost, but the payoff is huge. You can even find the templates you need created by others who actually use them to succeed. Check it out here: https://boardsource.org/fundamental-topics-of-nonprofit-board-service/

Week 3 – November 17th, 2020 Theme: Online Magazine for Nonprofit Leaders

Want to stay in the know on emerging topics affecting nonprofits such as how to crowd fund, what your liability insurance policy for staff should contain, or how to survive an IRS audit? Blue Avocado is an online magazine with practical tips and tools for community-based nonprofits. Many of the resources are provided by professionals in the field. Learn more and sign up here: https://blueavocado.org/about-us/

Week 4 – November 24th, 2020 Theme: Create Your Nonprofit Elevator Pitch

One of the most effective tools for nonprofits is an elevator speech. Delivering one is one thing, and teaching board and staff members to deliver one is another. This article gives practical examples and non-examples blended with tips like being careful not to speak too fast and how to communicate goals inside a speech. Use it for yourself, and to train others in your center: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/elevator-speech-examples-and-writing-tips-2061976