Parent Technical Assistance Center

  • Creating a Parent Centered Website (Worksheet)
    One of the main purposes of your websites navigation (the menu) is to make it easier for your site visitors to find what content they want. As such, it's important to first identify who is going to visit your site who are your user groups? and then put yourself in their shoes.
  • When Should You Update Your Website Content? (Worksheet)
    Nothing that appears on your website is likely to be accurate forever. Some things like event listings or a tip of the daywill be out-of-date much sooner. It's very useful to create a review and update calendar for yourself to ensure you know what youll look at when.
  • What Type of CMS Do You Need? (Worksheet)
    There are many different content management systems (CMS) available, and while they all provide the same essential functionality, some are better suited to different uses and types of organizations. To choose the one that's right for you, think through your organization's website needs.