Parent Technical Assistance Center

The following resources were funded through a 2013 supplement from OSEP to the Region 4 PTAC, to enhance R4 parent centers' capacity surrounding their project websites.  The archived information is provided to Region 4 parent centers trough a partnership between Idealware and the Region 4 PTAC.


  • Starting the Audit Process (Originally offered on 5/29/13)
    In this session, we'll kick off the website auditing process by defining your priorities and setting your goals. Next, we'll go through strategies for user interviews and surveys so you can assess whats working on your website and what needs improvement. Finally, we'll discuss the idea of the heuristic website audit, comparing the process to web design best practices.
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  • Defining Your Design and Content Strategy (Originally offered on 6/19/13)
    A website needs content before it can be useful to your constituents. In this session, you'll learn how to define your content strategy what content goes where, who creates the content, and how your content is organizedso your website provides value. From there, we'll kick off the design process with an introduction to wire framing, how to create a site map, and an overview of website analytics to help you identify your high-traffic areas and what visitors want from your site.
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  • Fleshing Out an Accessible, Usable, and Polished Website (Originally offered on 7/10/13)
    In this session, we'll take a look at the nitty-gritty of web design. Starting with a more detailed look at the wire framing discussed in the previous session, we'll then plunge into visual design outlining best practices for usability and accessibility. We'll end this session with a discussion on search engine optimization (SEO), so your constituents can find you on search engines such as Google.
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  • Lets Get Technical (Originally Offered on 8/21/13)
    With your strategy and goals defined, it's time to get under the hood. In this session, we'll cover the technical side of website design, starting with an overview of content management systems (CMS), which make it easier for nontechnical staff members to create or update website content themselves. We'll also cover the technical side of implementing your SEO strategy and website analytics tool, and cover website security. Finally, we'll end with a discussion on integrating your website with your database, online payment tool, or other systems.
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  • Defining Your Priorities and Moving Forward (Originally Offered on 9/18/13)
    Now that your strategy is in place, and you've got an understanding of the tools involved, it's time to put your plan in action. In this session, we'll discuss how to work with a consultant who can bring your redesign to fruition. We'll end with an overview of the typical website development processes.
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